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Default Merino wool/best base layer

I am one of those fussy types and I just can't wear synthetic fabrics next to my skin for too long. Especially my torso, I feel more comfortable with natural fabrics, always have done.

I have always boarded with 1 long sleeve cotton shirt under my jacket and a fleece on top of that if its really cold.
Problem is on a hike it gets wet and doesn't dry well as you all know.

My buddy recommended Merino wool (icebreaker),it looks expensive, but could be long lasting and really comfy.

I don't spend money lightly (yes I am cheap), I like to buy good quality stuff and use it for a long time.

Does anyone have experience of this an a base layer (I am thinking socks, leggings and long sleeve shirt).

Did it last long?

Yay or nay ?
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