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deep snow is def a bitch to get out of. I remember when i went catboarding in BC, it was my first time ever riding in deep snow...20-30ft untouched of it for that matter. Our guides told us to avoid riding too close to trees because of potential tree wells. I remember that every time i fell, i mustve had prob a foot of snow over me, granted i fell on my back and it was nothing serious, but the sheer weight of only a couple of inches over you was a really bitch to get out. It took a lot of energy not only to stand back up, but also to wipe off all that weight from your top sheet just to stay afloat once again.

Wrathfudelity i can only imagine how how hard it mustve been for you to unbuckle ur bindings and try to "swim" out of it

EDIT: Now that i just saw that link, it looks exactly like the type of place and terrain where i went catboarding
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