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Originally Posted by tomtom88 View Post
Seriously? Your mind isn't made up already? I don't blame you, it is a pretty big decision. But Colorado is fantastic! I myself just transferred to CU Boulder this semester and I am in the ENVD program. Most of the teachers I have had this first semester have been pretty cool. The coursework is interesting and somewhat challenging. I like the program alot. The campus is wonderful and Colorado is sooo much friendlier than any other state I've been to. Way more layed back and slower pace of life too. I recommend you come visit the campus before you make your decision though.
Yeah, it seems that all of their programs are very well laid out. Their architecture program definitely caught my eye, not to mention its a school i would have fun at and i can still snowboard when i want to. I want to visit it, maybe over the summer if I can save up some money. I know a few people that want to check it out actually, so maybe going with people I know would be a good idea.
Originally Posted by boardneub View Post
If you have the money, going abroad is great really wish I could have done that but i had an engineering program a 30 minute commute from my house. Friends and family, for me atleast I can be separated without much issue. College/uni life is great, and you will no doubt make new friends. And like you said, you still have a year to figure it out.
I would love to go to europe and study architecture, but programs like that only really work when you can speak a second language. I want to learn German, so if i take it in college I'll look into it more. RIT is a good school about 30 minutes from me, but as I said I want to leave NYS.
Originally Posted by HoboMaster View Post
If you want to save money, get more scholarships and not have to worry about being accepted, take classes at a community college for a few semesters before you X-fer to a 4-year. I did this for 3 semesters, built up a great GPA (3.8), got a nice scholarship, and then X-fered to a 4-year. Lots of colleges also provide perks and benefits for X-fer students.

When looking at being accepted, college credits w/ good grades far outweigh highschool GPA. If you keep your grades up while at CC, you can pretty much X-fer anywhere you want without worrying. I had tons of schools sending me emails to apply, rather then the other way around.
Yeah, I thought about this too. BA told me about a community college in Summit County about a year ago, if I went there I could work parttime and go to school, and have a few days a week to go snowboarding. If I am certain I want to go to Colorado and somehow get rejected or put on the waiting list or some BS, I would want to do that for a year since I would also get my state residency then reapply to Boulder and go for the state tuition.

Nice GPA, btw. I brought mine up to a 3.3, back in June it was a 2.4, basically I went to summer school and retook a couple classes and got A's and it got a nice boost.

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