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Originally Posted by Slaughterhouse View Post
Ok, sometimes after an awesome day of riding I will hit the town, and next thing leads to next, and I'm bloody shit-faced. Too late to take things back at that stage. Then, the suffering begins the next day as the hangover kicks my balance completely off. I ride a few feet, BAM, catch an edge. Get up, fall down, roll a few feet, throw up. Not necessarily in that order either. Now, the smartest thing to do would be not to drink in the first place before a planned day of riding. But, damage being done, would you just have another drink to "re-equaliberize" or just stick to some green runs and horrify the children with your amazing technicolour yarns
Lol, my trick on the odd occasion when this happens is to get baked out of my mind. This always works to soothe any headaches and or/tummy churning=ness. Your mind is pissed off when you get drunk so it's gonna make you feel the pain. You broke your brains leg so to speak, so try to relax the muscles in your head.

Option B(Don't get trashed the night before) Not that I'm not guilty of this, but what's honestly better, your worst day of riding or your best night getting hammered? For me, no amount of alky filled fun is gonna replace the shredding. Sometimes it's good for progression to not be your best mentally too, so who knows. Being hungover I'd do something most would probably dread. Go out of bounds and climb to some bowl on the outside of the resort. Go for a long hike up a mountain in waist deep pow and you'll burn away all that 'crappy' feeling that comes with being hungover. Of-course the start of your hike is gonna be hell on wheels... This is kinda similar to the treatment for flu... Go running till ya puke. Get all the crappiness out of ya.

Lastly, if you know you're going boarding the next morning, let your buddies get hammered and you can enjoy yourself watching them make fools of themselves the next day while you're living it up. All about perspective. Don't give into peer pressure and the next day your buddies will be wondering why they didn't have enough sense to prepare for 8 hours of on the hill mayhem. Oh-yeah, not too mention the hangover not being the worst part about not preparing. Lets talk about all those extra bumps and bruises you get from having part of your balance available. So, you get to spend the day after riding in pain... Maybe read this paragraph the night before you might wanna get tanked, lol. Cause it sounds like you feel you know better but lose control and just do it anyways. Decide to huck yourself off a bigger cliff instead?

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