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Thinking Critically

Over the past few months I have seen a number of threads pop up regarding religion and atheism, aliens, the rapture, stupidity of politicians, gays in the military and the list goes on... People here seem to have a wide range of beliefs on these subjects so I thought it would interesting to introduce to SBF a podcast called Skeptoid that deals with many of these subjects from an unbiased standpoint and analyzed using critical thinking methodology. The creator of these podcasts is a guy caled Brian Dunning and they are available either though his website, or through iTunes. Each episode is about 10 - 15 minutes long and is a great listen whenever there is a few minutes to kill or during a commute to/from work. Here is a short list of some of my favorites and also some episodes that pertain so recent discussions we've had here.

The Science of Voting (Skeptoid #281) - Are democratic elections actually as free and fair as we think they are?

"Curing" Gays (Skeptoid #265) - Do therapies intended to help gays become straight actually work?

New Age Energy (Skeptoid #01)

Ann Coulter, Scientist (Skeptoid #69) - Conservative pundit Ann Coulter should stick to politics; her science is too screwed up for words.

Who Kills More, Religion or Atheism? (Skeptoid #76) - Has religion or atheism been responsible for the greater death toll throughout human history?

What Do Creationists Really Believe? (Skeptoid #82) - Creationism is not one set of beliefs - it is a battleground of dramatically conflicting world views.

The World According to Conservapedia (Skeptoid #120) - A new Young Earth Fundamentalist online encyclopedia rears its ugly head.

Sarah Palin Is Not Stupid (Skeptoid #160) - Is an ad hominem attack really the best way to express disagreement?

Vaccine Ingredients (Skeptoid #180) - Do vaccines really contain the horrifying poisons claimed by antivaccine activists?

Zeitgeist: The Movie, Myths, and Motivations (Skeptoid #196) - The Internet movie Zeitgeist uses flagrant dishonesty to make an ideological point that could have easily been made ethically.

Blood for Oil (Skeptoid #32) - Is the war in the Middle East really being waged for oil?

Organic Food Myths (Skeptoid #19) - Is it a revolution in health and the environment, or a counterproductive fad?
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