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He has his opinions just like everyone else, you really believe its totally objective?

No human being is totally objective.

I agree with this guy on quite a few points, but by no means all.

Just as everything else I would take it with a pinch of salt (which is consistent with what he is saying I guess).

At the end of the day its up to us to find our own stance on things. To me critical thinking and logic are valuable tools but not the only tools we have to decide things. I spent years in the world of science where everything is supposed to be about critical thinking and logic. Reality is its often warped by concerns for funding.
He had good experiences with modern medicine and is to some extent championing it IMO. I know many people who have had really bad experiences (operations that made things worse, side effects worse than the original condition etc,etc) and great experiences with alternative techniques.

Of course some conditions are better treated with modern medicine while others are not IMO. Plenty of bullshit alternative treatments and plenty of bullshit pharmaceutical products too.

I like going with my instincts and gut feelings as well as critical thinking. Right now I am looking for a house. Of course I want to make sure its sound structurally and will do all the logical checks. Once the checks are done I go with my gut feeling about a place to make the final choice. I have always trusted my gut instincts about people too, not scientific but its worked for me.
I am not dissing this guy or trying to start an argument, just sharing my opinion.
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