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Dreampow, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. There is no opinion involved. For every episode there is a very thorough bibliography involved. Almost all of which are reputable peer reviewed journals. As time goes on and we are able to collect more data , scientific theory will change accordingly with knowledge. Science, unlike politics, does not have an agenda! There are only observations and data from which theories and scientific laws come from. If science finds some new data that is incongruent with existing scientific theories then the theories are changed. No God or government involved here. The problem is that the lay public picks and chooses which bits of science they choose to believe. If an article in a Medical review journal describes the function of the heart, you probably won't dispute the fact that its pumps blood throughout the body but if a medical journal has the results of the efficacy of a new treatment for heart disease then you dispute it? If you believe that alternative treatments work as well or more so than modern medicine just do a simple search on Pubmed. You'll find tens of thousands articles, but just don't choose to not believe the information they contain because it may say something you don't like or understand.
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