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I get what you are saying and I will agree that a lot of scientific research is genuine as are many medical practices.
I studied Biological sciences to a masters level at Oxford university so I think I know a thing or two about the scientific process. I understand the workings of the human body, immune system and pathogens that infect it.
In its ideal form its exactly as you say. Free, impartial, independent and only concerned with the facts.

As someone who has been in the scientific world at the top of its hierarchy, I know first hand that it is far from what you imagine it to be. Both my parents are academics and taught at universities here in the UK. One of my Dads buddies who hasn't retired yet happens to be in medical research at the uni where my Dad taught until he retired (one of the best in the UK).

My dads friend agrees with me on this and often bitches at length about it because he hates the current system, but has to jump the hoops to support his family. Its all about getting and keeping funding. Thats the name of the game.
Not finding the truth.
Because most funding is provided by mega corps in one form or another there is significant pressure on scientists to study topics and produce results that are consistent with the desires of the people providing the funding.

The WHO has had many scandals where the "independent" scientists recommend certain drugs (eg tamiflu). If the WHO recommends it then whole countries will buy vast quantities of it. In the case of tamiflu and on many many other occasions it has been later proven that the independent scientists were receiving pay outs from the companies that make the drugs. On top of that these recommended drugs are often not tested properly for side effects (especially for flu because when a new strain appears there is a rush to get the vaccine and sell it quickly before a new mutation or strain appears). In a case in Japan several teenagers had hallucination type responses and lost the plot jumping out of windows from several stories up.

It was not suicide more like an epileptic fit and the mother of several of the kids was with them at the time but couldn't stop them because they were totally in a hysteric rage.

The drugs were withdrawn from the market, but no charges were made. If that were someone taking alternative treatment that suddenly flipped out and jumped out of a window the person providing the treatment would be locked up.

I am not trying to say all all science is wrong or anything like it. I enjoyed studying biology and most of what I learned is fact and based on real research. Sadly particularly in the medical field there are often agendas other than "truth" leading the research.

Of course they like to portray it as an independent honest search for the truth/facts. That appeals to people.
Ask anyone who has been on the inside of the scientific community and you will get a different answer.

Success rates for treatments are also notoriously dubious.

Modern medicine has provided excellent treatments and results for many illnesses. There are dubious practices too.
Like anything else you need to do your own research and understand your options before making an informed choice.
I am no means pro alternative treatment either. There are many con men selling shit that does nothing in that arena too.

The vibe I picked up from this dude with the podcasts was quite strongly pro modern medicine / science and anything else is bullshit. Perhaps I got it wrong, but that seemed like his opinion to me.

Also Snowjeeper. I work for myself and do something I love to do. I also grow food and live as independently from the system as I can. I am no drone.
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