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50-50 to concussion

So I unintentionally mastered this new trick, it's pretty basic, but here goes:

1. Find a nice easy, flat, box in the park with just a little bit of height
2. Do a couple warm-up runs to get a feel
3. Lean back, fall back, tense up, and slam your head to the ground, preferably on ice

Here is an instructional video of my first success:

Okay, so here's the actual explanation. I was at Killington on Saturday and things were pretty hard-packed as expected since it is virtually all man made snow that has been through countless freeze-thaw cycles at this point. I was feeling pretty good on my new board, so I checked out the park. The box looked easy and familiar enough, so I figured I'd just 50-50 it to shake the cobwebs off. I was trying to play it safe and not try anything new, so I did the same thing a few times. One too many as it turns out.

I remember starting the run, then next thing I knew it was 4 hours later and I was in the medical center being told I had a concussion. My son and his friend relayed what happened since I had no memory. Apparently, after the fall shown in the video, I got up and rode to the bottom of the lift, but then sat down next to the shack there instead of getting back in line. My son and his friend realized something was wrong since I started repeating myself so they got the attention of the lift operator who summoned ski patrol.

Luckily, aside from a headache today and an incredibly sore back, I'm okay. I was wearing my helmet, which may very well have prevented a much worse skull fracture (they are particularly good at that). The force of the impact actually caused my GoPro to detach, with the adhesive pad ripping the finish off my helmet (that is some good adhesive). Luckily, I'm paranoid about losing my camera and had a tether for it also. I know my injury isn't nearly as severe as many others on here, but I wanted to share nonetheless. Also, I highly recommend helmets, especially in the park (even more if you're a klutz like me )
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