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Originally Posted by david_z View Post
you probably should buy a new helmet after a slam like that. snow helmets aren't rated for multiple impacts.
Thanks for the suggestion, I'm definitely going to; that was my second thought after I realized what had happened (first thought was hoping I got it on video) Helmet shopping time!

Originally Posted by NYinfamous2k2 View Post
Dammmmmnnnnnnn man, that looked RUFF, at least you have footage of it, I still laugh my ass off when I see the footage I have doing something similar, should probably send it into that MTV show rediculousness lol
Thanks, I hadn't thought of that, but I love that show! Although I know they say not to send them stuff... I definitely laugh at myself too.

Originally Posted by Jenzo View Post
That's EXACTLY what I did, except off a battleship box that was at least twice as high. I bruised up my back pretty good (took over a year till the pain was completely gone) but my mellon was fine.

Can someone give some tips on how to fall backwards? all I ever do is fall like a tree.
Yeah, I have no idea how I injured myself so bad from such a small fall. My avatar pic is even from a nearly identical fall off a box that was at least as high, and I didn't even have so much as a bruise from that. I seem to have lots of experience falling off of features also (I've fallen off rainbow boxes, battleship boxes, flat rails, kink rails, and rainbow rails). You name it, I can fall off it I do try to stick to stuff that is no more than about 3 feet high though, to minimize my chance of injury. I can only guess my injury this time was caused by a combination of incredibly hard snow/ice and freakishly bad falling position (looking at my shadow in the video I think my ass landed first which probably caused my upper body and head to whip backwards). My son said he thought I even put my elbows back as I fell, which might explain why I feel like I pulled muscles in my back. In the past I think I've just dropped pretty flatly onto my back and not suffered any serious injury, but of course I'm probably the last person who should be giving advice on how to fall.

Originally Posted by slyder View Post
Hope your all right. This is also a fear I have as a dad that rides with his kids.
As stated get a new helmet.
Thanks, I'm really doing quite well considering, mostly just a sore back. I do usually try to be extra conservative when I'm the only one there with the kids, but I should have been a bit more cautious this time obviously.

Originally Posted by readimag View Post
Yeah my first rainbow rail in 2002 took it at full force and did a back flip on to my board then crashing in the trees next to it. Looked cool as hell my friends said but felt like ass when I hit the tree. Get a new helmet mine was dented on the inside of the foam and not the shell.
Yikes! A rainbow box was the source of my only real previous park injury, but in my case it was nothing more than ass bruises.

Originally Posted by jyuen View Post
that landing looks really shitty
Originally Posted by GreatScott View Post
Pfff... you should see the craters left at Mt. High by noon. People still spinning off the boxes all day long though.
I don't think the landing was actually too bad (at least not by ice-coast standards), unless you meant my landing? Then I agree completely!

Also, just to reiterate, I am shopping for a new helmet.
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