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Aaaand about time for a bump on this thread. I have ridden this board about 10 full days this season so far. I'll seperate this update into different conditions.

Slush: I rode some slushier conditions at wolf creek with it, handles it like you would expect any board to. The reverse camber seems to keep it from getting as stuck as I would time to time on my old camber board. Otherwise for the crappy conditions the worst thing was that I was riding a brand new board through shitty snow

Powder, lots of powder: I rode 4 full powder days on this board so far, two different mountains. First my home mountain, the storm total was 26" and it was waist deep at times. For its relatively small length (157W) it floats awesomely. I was able to test it by doing a few good drops, dropped a good 8 foot rock into 2 feet or so of untouched powder, i was not running any setback other than the default 3/4 inch(i think?) setback it comes with. Even with the smaller size I was able to stick repeated big drops into the pow with little effort. And I was still able to ride switch powder! For a dedicated pow board I would have gone bigger, yes. But for an all around stick which is why i purchased this board, it holds its own perfectly. Now steeps. I rode the face of taos as soon as it opened, this is a good steep grade run all the way down. I was able to RIP down it, on a mountain that is skiier dominated(and i really mean that) noone was passing me down the fresh run I did. As it got more skiid up i could feel the harshmellow and flat/rocker combo just allowing me to plow through anything in my way, the choppys did not even slow me down! It was great. Now the other 2 pow days I rode were at wolf creek, that mountain is SO much more mellow than my local mountain. For starters the board did well, but really was not as "at home" feeling there. Taos is known for it's steeps, and that is really all I ride. This board is made more for big mountain hits, and you can really feel it when you ride it at such a mellow mountain like wolf creek.

Groomers: On the groomers I've ridden the board holds its own well. Its way more playful than my old camber board, and actually holds a DAMN good edge on soft/groomed surfaces. I can max out the board straight lining it down the hill with no fear or sketchyness. I can hit kickers with it and it feels great. 180s are super easy, And butters are much easier than i expected for an "all mountain" rocker board. Ive thrown a few 360's this last pow day and the board spins around easily, due to its light weight ness and the size i chose. I really like it for everything so far.

Ice: I've only hit a few ice patches, and honestly the "ice" here is NOTHING, i mean NOTHING like east coast ice- so i'm not making that comparison. But in the "ice" patches ive hit here the board was able to grip better than the pure rocker boards ive ridden, i'm assuming due to the 70% flatness of the board, and the amount i tune it(before every weekend). I've never had it slip out to the point where i was on my ass, even when i almost over edged it on the hard packed "ice".

Summary: great all around board so far, tears it the fuck up in powder and groomers, holds its own on ice patches and in the park. Is a perfect 1 board quiver IMHO, and i'm able to make the whole mountain my playground with this one board.

Disclaimer: I typed this up very fast, i did not use correct grammar throughout, and DID NOT proof read it - maybe i'll come back and clean it up later.
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