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Thanks for the kind words, gauntlet09 !

I doubt you made a mistake at all purchasing that board. I was interested in the slayblade as well, but this turbo dream fell right into my hands, so I guess it was meant to be. No regrets, that's for sure. I actually rode a slayblade at a demo last year, I really wish I could give you a good comparison, but the slayblade wasn't a wide board and I kept booting out on every hard carve I made on the one run I did with it before taking it back and demoing a darkstar. The darkstar I actually liked quite a bit though, I'm a fan on the way the flat tech feels under you feet when flat riding. Flat riding on a stiff camber board would get scary quick if your body positioning got even just a little bit lazy. I feel like with these flat boards you have a little more margin of error.

It's funny because I ride with a local K2 rep here in Taos and he mentioned liking both the turbo dream and the slay blade, but that for a one board quiver he would go with one the 80% flat boards. I still have no regrets though!

Ride on my friend
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