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Originally Posted by AdamBQ View Post
I ride a NS Raptor X, and really only ride mountain stuff. I do like hitting jumps and such, but at most I just do a 1, then quickly go back to riding regular again. As soon as I am solid at 3s Ill just do those instead.

I've ridden 15/15 since the day I started, and I am hesitant to change. However all I ever ride is blacks, doubles, and really the steepest stuff I can find, or trees. 15/15 seems more of a park stance, so I am wondering if I am limiting my riding.

I know the answer is going to be "Try it out and see if you like" and I do plan on doing that. I was just curious what some other people thought.
Just went from 15/15 to 18/6. Your riding style sounds a lot like mine. The change was not night and day but after riding it a full day i liked it a lot more. Seemed like I was able to initiate turns better and had a little more control on steeps. Over all I liked the change for my style. Play with it see what you like.
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