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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
You must be mistaking me with someone else. The only person I criticized here is NWO. Furthermore, all I ever said was that the toe cap design is not up to par with expectations from a binding specific company. Neither are the ratchets. I also mirrored what you just said about dampening (lack of canting included).

Every other part of the binding I defended. DuPont Zytel plastic is effin bomb proof and Union uses that. Even in my old comments, I said Union's ankle strap and ratchets are great. Which makes me criticize their toe cap and ratchet more.

I suggest you re-read my posts or try taking those Union goggles off first. Who else did I criticize here? Only NWO because he was being a complete condescending asshole.

And don't give me that "Internet tough guy" routine. You're the one that came at me guns blazing making ignorant assumptions about me personally. And trust me, I would have this same discourse with you in person.

As for union, I told the reps that day about the toe straps and ratchets. By the way, I rode the contact pros as well. Same feeling about the toe strap and ratchet. Cool base on those though.

Can we let this ridiculous thread die again? This shit was buried until someone fed it zombie juice.
Haha. (zombie juice). As usual things can be misinterpreted. I actually find your reviews to be informative and had mentioned that in an earlier post. Im not trying to attack you personally and never meant to offend. I was just responding to how you were the one calling people fanboys and telling them to go back to other sites and what not.

Anyway, thats the problem with forums. People hear what they want to read. (does that make sense Haha) Cant we all just get along.

And just so its clear. Union ratchets suck....there i said it

Back to your regularly scheduled program.......

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