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Alright, so let's say this is squashed.

For the record, I was only calling NWO a fanboy and telling him to go back to EL.

I don't use the term fanboy loosely. A fanboy is someone who ignores a pretty damn common criticism because they love the brand that much. A fanboy is someone who goes into negative reviews and bashes the person as being inexperienced. A fanboy is someone who goes into other binding threads proclaiming that their favorite brand is superior in every way.

You are a fan. NWO is a fanboy.

I was perfectly fine with this thread never being revived again. I've admitted numerous times that I was just bitter towards all the Union fans that trashed Flow threads. And this bitterness was made worse because in my eyes, Unions didn't live up to the hype. I will still try unions in a heartbeat especially if they perfect the toe strap. Really don't have anything against the company.
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