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You're welcome!

Zyflamend does more for me than otc pharm nsaids. It's gentler on the body while still effective.

Sounds like you're on a good path. It's all about prevention when it comes to back and disc issues imo.

Yeah, the table is big but has the benefits like you mentioned. I like being able to (slowly if needed) pivot back to vertical to disconnect the ankle part. With the boots I assume you curl up to detach?

Cool that you have a massage therapist. This is an area I know a lot about. And you're absolutely right - you need a serious massage therapist, which is often very different than the kind you find in spas, etc. Connecting with the one from your PT place is a great idea. Maybe she offers discounted self-pay (cash) rates?

Oh I have a stretch my Chiro suggested that I find helps. It's designed to help restore the natural "S" curve of the spine. When I can get to it, I'll see if I can either post it here or pm it to you.
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