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Originally Posted by newguy36 View Post
This weekend was the first time I could get out for the season(Dam you mother nature). Here is a short clip of me trying to turn dynamically. This video is from the end of the second day. I think I was a little tired so I started straightening my front leg.

Few questions:

1) Early in the weekend when I had more strength I felt like my turns were a lot better. When i was making my turns i could feel the board pulling away from me. Should I be feeling this? Is this feeling the board grabbing the edge and initiating the turn?

2) I was also focusing on keeping my knees bent when the board was under me. I would then push out on my edges. At times it felt like I was trying to stand up, and i would lose my balance. Should i be feeling this?

3) I tend to lean back a little. I was trying to focus on leaning forward this weekend. I figured if i i focused on bending my knees at the same angle i would accomplish this. How do i know if I'm leaning to far forward?

Sorry for the wall of text. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

the link to the video.... dynanic turns?!? - YouTube
To use the youtube tag on this forum... only copy the video id (the part after "v=" and before the next "&" if there is one... in this case it is "V1StVZAPp7k". I fixed it your quote above.

Because of the relatively mild slope and the low speed, it is hard to get very "dynamic" on your turns in those conditions. You are linking your turns pretty smoothly (I find a lot of people hang on to a edge too long and "over-turn" and skid out the end of their turn)... so it's good that you are transitioning from toeside edge to flatboard to heelside edge to flatboard to toeside edge etc in a nice smooth rhythm. You are also kind of "kicking" the board out which on hard/icy slopes will cause the tail of board to slip/skid out (causing you to lose your balance).

1. Sort of? I've never thought of it quite as "pulling away" from me... but when I do a cross-under turn... the board definitely hooks and "swizzles" under me... not sure if that makes any sense

2. You shouldn't be losing your balance... but for what I consider to be dynamic turns... there is a sense of compression early in the turn initiation... and then pushing out on the edge in the middle of the carve.

3. So yes, you don't want to lean back (with straight legs)... but you also don't want to bend at the back too much (with straight legs) which I what I think you are doing. Maybe what you want to be doing is putting more weight onto your front foot. That's more leaning towards the nose of your board (versus bowing forward).

Here is a video of me trying to film myself riding with a regular camera (it is surprisingly hard to point a non-fisheye camera at yourself while snowboarding). I make no claims at all to having superior form as I tend to bend over too much on my toeside turns as well, but I think you can see my legs "compressing" at the start of a turn (especially the first turn) and then pushing out... as well as "trying" to keep my body upright and angled with the slope (I need to work on it).

I hope this helps...

The end of the video (around 1:10) has photos of the trail that I took from the chairlift the same day you can see my carved track pretty distinctly from all the other ones (some people were skeptical that I was carving my turns). If you are going to hate on my video/technique that's fine... I just request you post a video of your riding as well as a response.

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