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One major fracture and one hairline fracture. Everyone was trying front flips all day and landing on their back out of my group of friends except me, then I finally decide I'll try one, so I go for the jump, speed check a bit, throw myself, make the full rotation and land and ride away. Everyone is all excited except me, because I knew I landed too hard and pressure cracked my ankle which had just gotten out of a cast that november (this was last year) so I decide I'll just ride the rest of the mountain since something about getting thrown on a sled and sped up a mountain very jerkily just never seemed too helpful for me. Me and everyone go into the lodge to check it out and its already swollen out of my boot which I barley get off, so I call up my parents and have them bring up my crutches and air cast and to the hospital I go, I get there and they tell me I refractured my growth plate and badly fractured my tibia (?) and there goes my spring shredding.
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