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So people should wait until another 6 million homes are foreclosed on? You say "All these homeless bums don't deserve any recognition" If things weren't so far out of control a lot of those people wouldn't be homeless. Do you have any understanding of what will happen in this country if the dollar is no longer the world reserve standard? That means we can longer simply print more money to cover our soaring debt, hyperinflation ensues, end American life as we know it. So should everyone just sit around and wait for it to happen?

As for "all" the protesters being homeless crack head loonies, hate to tell you this, but they ARE humans too. These people are a symptom of the decease that this country is dying of. So people that aren't smart enough or have an opportunity to go to college are second class citizens that deserve to starve in the streets? I would rather have them pushing the same button on a machine in a factory, rather then out on the street robbing people like me and you. If a person is mentally incapable to do this, then there should be actual programs that help them. Not just dope them up, warehouse 'em, and kick 'em back out on the street.
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