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Originally Posted by snowvols View Post
Are you still weighing in about how hard engineering was? Are you serious? It was a breeze and I got 55 days in my senior year. I went to a top 10 party school had a blast every night and had no problem staying up all night the night before a test to study and pass the test. It is all about priorities. I also got a good job out West like I wanted so it worked out for me.

Yes if you look at the photo I posted it was taken from about 5 miles south of downtown. You can see downtown in the photo. I work in Tooele County and we have a nasty inversion as well over here. It straight up sucks! Especially when you are training for another marathon and you have to run. What a fun time that is.

I haven't been serious this whole thread, but I will be for a second. If you enjoy things in the valley such as sports and want to do them in the winter don't move here. I have never had breathing problems but once you start sucking in oxygen it burns and slows you down a lot. Hell my 3 mile run is almost a min/mile slower than average even though I am exerting myself more.

Utah is clearly full and the inversion is proof of that. Move to boulder and marry a chick with flowers in her hair. She might not have showered in a full year, but it is better than a mormon chick wanting to marry you on the first date.
Yea didn't even think about you doing marathon training\running I agree that would suck but hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right....ok well maybe not in this case.
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