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Originally Posted by timmytard View Post
I thought about the side cut, smaller circles=sharper turns?
Maybe that's just because of the tapered tail?
But I'm more wondering about the diff in Flex & Dampness.
Sharper turns, but also less stable at high speeds. If you know what you are doing, you can bend a long sidecut board into a sharper turn... but it's hard to do a high speed (velocity), wide turn on a shorter sidecut board (the board will "want" to turn tightet and so will feel a little twitchy as it will have a tendency to try and pull you into a tighter arc).

Tapered tail will release the edge earlier in the turn, letting you transition from edge to edge more quickly - letting you do slashy half-turns.

Well, it's going to be flexier ... and it going to be less damp (they removed some of the dampening material to reduce weight I think).

Hey... why don't you just email They are clearly the most qualified to answer your question, and you can avoid random people trash-talking that way. I've email them a few times before and they always answer in a few days (don't expect a reply in 20 mins).
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