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To answer the title of this thread, whats wrong is that its owned by the 1% and has not been a democracy for a long time.
Its just a facade pretending to be a democracy.

The desires and rights of the people are not represented or listened to. Human rights are all but gone, whilst mega corps are protected and bailed out.

I don't know exactly what the change will be either, but I believe a lot of shit will hit the fan next year.

It will change. The question is will you be a part of the change or play the game of the 1%s like a hamster on a treadmill?

I personally believe taking your own consciousness back and unplugging from mass media/TV brainwashing is one of the first steps.

Then making choices that allow you to be as independent from the current system as possible. Standing on your own feet.

Also working together with like minded people to take back the sense of community that has been systematically eroded away, pitting everyone against each other. When people feel isolated they are afraid to act and will go along with any BS.

People need to get back the values of helping each other and making sure everyone is taken care of.

The Japanese people after the Tsunami showed this ethic beautifully. No looting, no free for all. They quietly lined up to get their 2 liters of water and package of food. They helped each other instead of turning on one another.

Japan is no utopia and has its problems, but I think they showed the world how to deal with the pending crisis. Together.
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