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As much as I blame the government and corporate state, we are all to blame for the current predicament. I'm not just talking about the typical "consumer credit-debt bubble" that gets tossed around aimlessly, I'm talking about our actions as part of a democracy for the past 30+ years. You could say the corporate state perpetrated it, because that was their goal afterall - but consumerism turned the baby-boomer generation into a bunch of carefree sheep. We gave all of our power to the government and corporations because responsibility and civil duty were inconvenient. We handed over the keys and said "Here, you deal with this, I'd rather be watching football and drinking beer on my new Ikea sofa". In order for a democracy to work it has to be regulated and run by the people, and we failed to do that. Look at the social stigma in America for protests - until recently 80%+ of people regarded protesting as some sort of jobless hippy activity that was a waste of time. Most people still do. They feel this way because consumerism has kept them comfortable enough to remain in ignorance. People are ignorant only so long as they are shielded from harm.

Well, that bubble is about to burst rather violently. There are many aspects of society that are currently set up to fail, but the most obvious factor is fossil fuels. They run our country 100%, are limited, most come from foreign countries, and right now they are burning natural gas fields in North Dakota etc... because capturing it is not profitable in the short term. Our government and allied corporation state have absolutely no vision for the future - even of their own organizations. In the face of collapse they are more concerned with putting buckets under the leak rather then just fixing the pipe. And why wouldn't they? American capitalistic culture taught them to get theres and fuck everyone else. We'll see how long that ideology actually works...

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