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Ride Machete board review

Okay, I hopped on the bus yesterday morning at 7am and made the trip to Castle mtn. It was the first day of the season and I was stoked to try out my new snowboard. After riding for 12 years off and on with my first board - a 168 Rozzy Nomad, I had scaled down to a 161 Ride Machete (2011 model).
It's 9:45am and I dismout from the lift at the top of Haig Mtn (Castle), unknown to how this new snowboard was going to perform. My snowboarding style had taken a massive change in direction from an aggressive riding stance (+25/+15) to a (+15/-12). I had also scaled down board length by 5 cm and waist width by 1 cm, which led me to be a bit tentative as to whether I would catch an edge or not. -I didn't. The board felt so playful, so freakin responsive, especially at high speeds. I mention this first because some amateur rider reviews on youtube had said the board was unstable at high speeds. Now coming from a board 5cm longer and switching from camber to twin I was shocked to discover that I felt so CONFIDENT on this board, especially at higher speeds. In fact I felt more stable making carves on this board at high speeds.... Made beautiful long arc carves with ease.

Up ahead I see a thick patch of powder in my path and the thought hits me, how will this board perform transitioning from hard pack to 3/4 foot of powder. On my old camber board I felt a thunk under my foot going over it so I was amazed when the Machete did as it's namesake and sliced right through the powder. The smoothest transition I've ever felt on a snowboard. Riding off piste and at high speeds is flat out fun on this board. On my third run down I started sliding down the mtn, but the board encouraged me to try a manual, so I did it. Held it for a couple seconds then ripped on down the mtn. On one of my runs I managed to hold the manual for a few seconds and got some cheers from a couple chicks on the charlift, which is not to brag, but to illustrate just how PLAYFUL the Machete felt at my feet. Tried a lot of new things yesterday and am eager to try more new things. I road switch at the end of some of my last runs and though I suck at toe side switch carves, I was starting to do the heel side. This is again to state how playful the Machete was all over the mtn. This board wants to ride up walls of snow and I felt inclined to do so when the opportunity arose. Castle doesn't have a half pipe, but there are walls of snow here and there, so I felt myself naturally trying to ride and do little tricks when I got the chance. This is something I never did on my old board.

The one and ONLY slight knock on the Machete would be in line with comments made about the slimewall edges, which I noticed had more issues holding the sharp carves on an icy section that I road across on a few occasions yesterday. Not a big deal if you're not a beginner and coincidentally this board is for intermediates and up, so it is as advertised. The more experienced riders want to go fast and the Machete caters to that by making edge hold and edge to edge performance on any surface smoothe as butter, but sharp as a knife.

The 2011 Ride Machete 161w can be summed up with one word, well three actually, but one verb. *It ENCOURAGES you* to try new things and feel confident doing them. Beautiful board for anyone that wants to be challenged and takes the challenge. ie: It's the ultimate board for a progressive rider.

If you get the chance to buy a Machete, DO IT!

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