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'12 Lib Tech Banana Magic

'12 Lib Tech Banana Magic 161
'12 Rome 390 Bindings
'10 Burton Hail Boots 10.5"

My Stats
6'0 ft
160lbs dripping wet
5th year shredding
22in stance centered, +15/-15


Took this board out finally the other day, for the first ride of the season after much anticipation. Once i strapped in at the peak, i got the first run shivers. I immediately noticed that my stance felt wider than usual, even though i usually ride with a 21" stance. I made my stance wider to accomodate the board's very narrow waste width which at first felt weird but later on it proved to be a wise decision.

I took my first run on a blue trail that had some signs of ice on it but for the most part it was mad made snow that kinda felt like spring snow. I felt the board immediately wanting to carve. The nose of the board engaged the snow incredibly well and it initiated carves like no other board that ive been on. The carves felt sharp and very stable.

After the 2nd run, i got used to being in the swing of things again and i began being more aggressive with it. The magnatrax held up incredibly well on the hardpack in some areas but also keep in mind that the board was never used before so the edges were still sharp. I never had the board slip from under me even though i was laying out carves where my chest was almost touching the surface.

Ive always been riding Burton boards, so this is my first board outside of that line up. At a few points during the day, i attempted to flat base while bombing, but once again, it was hard to do so since the board constantly wants to carve. On my custom X, flat basing is no problem and i have pretty good control in doing it, but maybe it was my first trip of the season and i still have to get used to the board
Right off the bat, the board didnt pick up speed as fast from a dead stop, but once you get going, it was quick in gaining speed. Before this trip, i gave the board 4 layers of the same wax that i use on all my board, but i must say, Burton bases IMHO are faster.

At higher speeds, i did notice signs of chatter, which made me scrub off some speeds. The board is very controllable anywhere from the start to lets say the upper mids of my maximum speed range. I might blame that on the board being longer than what i usually ride on. Im usually on a 159 or 160, but this board has such a long effective edge that a 161 feels like a 164. But there is nothing that you cant get used to.

Riding switch felt very comforting. Im not the best at it, but im able to go down the entire trail. The board is a true twin and with my stance centered and at duck, i felt great on it,

I hit a looootttt of rollers and natural features, and if you time the jump just right, the board will send you soaring. Pretty good pop that didnt feel too stiff and too springy. I tried to do some presses with it, but it was a little too stiff. Once again the board is longer than usual and maybe i didnt have enough body weight behind it to lift that nose up.

Overall, it is a fantastic work of art and engineering. I never like taking stiff boards out for the first trip of the season, but since the waste is so narrow, the board felt really playful and you forget that the flex rating is about a 7. I got this board in a 161 mostly for pow days. I rode my 159 Burton Flying V in whistler last year on a day when we had 2 ft of snow over nite, and i didnt like the way it handled even though i set back my stance by 1-2". Both of these boards are Hybrids, so i took the chance of getting a slightly longer size just in case, i ride it in pow.

From a scale of 1-10, i give this board SO FAR an 8. I would give it a 9 if i was able to flat base on it, and i would then give it a 10 if i felt more in control going at my max speed. The season has just begun for me, so well see how things change by the end of the season.


The bindings for this board might be just a tad too soft. Maybe i shouldve went with the targas, but overall it was a good setup. The bindings felt very very light and i barely noticed being strapped in. They have flex in them in the right spots. I adjusted the highbacks to one click forward to gain more responsiveness. I have my toe straps going over my toes and not on my foot which i got used to from riding on my burton binding. Its the way to go IMO.
One problem i did encounter though. I attempted to do a 360 off a roller and instead i did a 270 and landed on my front edge which had me eat it. When i got up, i noticed my toe strap had come off from where you pinch that buckle to adjust the length of it. No biggie, but still i was kinda shocked that it came off. Maybe i just hit the right spot which caused it to loosen.

Overall, bindings are great I give them also an 8. If the board was much softer, the bindings would prob be a high 9. I highly recommend them if your going to be riding like a skate banana or lets say a park board.

hope this review shed some light for you guys

Without me, my board is useless. Without my board, I am useless

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