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Originally Posted by GeoFX View Post
Good to see I wasn't imagining things about the flat-basing issues.
I just posted this in another thread:

"I caught an edge at Hunter Mountain on Monday and must have been going about the same speed. I was flat basing it somewhere at the midpoint of the trail (Belt Parkway for those familiar). Board got squirrelly underfoot as I rode over some ice. Pretty sure I caught my front edge, it happened so fast. But, I hit my face on the ice/snow before I could react and proceeded to flip head over heels 2 times. Racking my head both times...well my face was the first time. I have a bruise on the bridge of my nose and my neck it just barely soar. I made it out pretty good considering. I think it helped that my body ragdolled and I didn't try to stop myself."

I was riding my NS Premier for the second time and definitely noticed some squirrelliness when flatbasing. Won't be doing that again.
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