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Default Burton Custom X Riding Issues

I own 3 boards from burton (I know...that is my first mistake, but I like them). 09' Twin (Camber), 11' Sherlock (Flying V), and 12' Custom X (Camber). I can ride my twin in all conditions at moderate speeds 35-40 mph. I purchased my sherlock at the end of last season and felt it was very unstable. I would often wash out on heel edge. So, this year I purchased a custom x. The reviews say this board is very stable at high speeds. I just left Winter Park and fell on my heel edge similar to the Sherlock. I fell more today than I fell in the past two season combined on the twin.

The only thing I can think of is my set as a possible cause. I have been setting the directional boards as twins. I like to ride switch. Could that be the reason?

Dose anyone have any similar situation or advice. Cause my damn body hurts. HELP!!!!!
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