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So last night I went to sleep but all I could think about is how many times I washed out. This morning I began comparing my twin (cartel binding non-channel system) and custom x (cartel with channel system). I use the cartel binding with channel system on both the custom x and sherlock. On this binding, it overhangs my board on heel edge about 1/8 inch. On the twin binding, it is about 1/4 inch away from the edge of the board. Could this cause my issue?

Dreampow- I will try to get a vid today of my riding. Be honest, if I completely suck, let me know. I am not soft nor do I have an ego. I just want to be the best I can be.

Lonerider- I am not catching an edge. While on my heel edge, I would hit a patch of ice and instantly fall. At times it felt like I was on a box/rail. It also seem like I have plenty of lean before the boot touches the floor.

Snowolf- The conditions were not the best. 8-15 degrees and mountain full of skiers (mougals everywhere, BOOOOOO). I did notice a lot of skiers/boarders also washing out. But I assumed this was because they were the holiday types, and only go for holiday season. I figured, I should be better. Also, I went with a friend who was on his normal board and not washing out like me.
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