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Originally Posted by recca7 View Post
Hey, just wondering if the more experienced big air riders had this problem when they first tried going big off a jump. I find that as soon as i leave the apex of a jump, and i'm oliing to try to get even more pop, my body would straighten out itself in mid-air. i'm trying to stay tucked so i can do a couple grabs, but i just find it so hard to bring my knees up. I think it could do with the bindings being too heavy. i do feel as though it's pulling me down, but there has to be something I can do to compensate for that. I want to go even higher but i know if my body is just going to straighten out during mid-flight that's a recipe for disaster, help please!!!
What you are experiencing is extremely common for people starting out on jumps. It is not because the board or binding are too heavy - that is a myth. Basically you are trying to "jump" off the lip like you would if you weren't snowboarding and that is wrong (you said you were ollie-ing... but you don't really know how to ollie properly yet... because if you were doing it correctly, this wouldn't be happening to you).

Basically you need to pop with both feet or ollie... since ollieing takes a lot of timing to do correctly. Let's start just trying to pop with both feet evenly. What want to do is to squat down so that you are really compressed just before you go up the ramp (I assume the takeoff ramp is only like 10 ft long), then as you go up the ramp you gently stand up so that by the time you take off, you are back to normal "snowboard stance." Through the magic of high school physics, which I won't bother you with, this will actually "pops" you up into the air higher and you will suddenly discover you can bring you knees up much easier as if you board and bindings are magically lighter. Again, it's not magic... it's physics... which I guess i basically magic to most people.

You can see Nev Lapwood doing this in this teaser video (check at 0:15, 0:25, 0:38... all three of those are pops... with the last one he is doing what I tried to explain in the previous paragraph.

BTW, if you are wondering whether snowboardaddiction DVD/videos are worth buying - I do recommend them, they are very well made and Nev gives elite level instruction. He even does online coaching where you post videos of yourself and he talks to you on skype to give you tips (next best thing to getting a private lesson yourself at the mountain). It does cost money (versus advice online here) but while there are some very helpful and amazing people on this website, I still think Nev's instruction is superior (i.e. you get what you pay for...)

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway affiliated with Snowboard Addiction.

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