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Originally Posted by recca7 View Post
ok, that's interesting..i'm not actually at the park, i'm just looking for kickers to pop off of along trails. I can do 180s and 360s but i have to really crank myself and it doesn't seem as fluid and smooth as it should probably because of what you were saying, i'm trying to force teh pop with my own might. I'm going to try what you suggested but it will hard be since i'm not doing it off a table top or soemthing, which is why I need to ollie. I guess it could also be that i'm not timing my ollies properly. But come to think of it, i have had that feeling of sailing through the air as if the bindings and board didn't weigh anything. I just haven't been able to recreate it that many times..

Yea, it's not pure brute force - we've all been there starting out so don't worry. If you look at the video at 0:18, you will see the guy in the video pops off a natural feature. Definitely give the video I embedded a few watch to see what he is doing.
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