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I'm probably a little behind you on learning jumps. I'm currently working with 20-25' jumps, mostly because the Seymour park crew won't make anything smaller despite numerous complaints.

Anyway, I'm not even trying to ollie on a jump -- my ollies are barely functional at best. I'm just trying to pop, and finding that even pops require just the right timing. When I get the timing wrong, the feeling is like releasing a bow with no arrow on the string -- all the energy goes into rattling the bow. When I do get the timing right on the pop, not only is the air better but the jump is more controlled.

As lonerider has mentioned, your bindings don't weigh anything in midair -- everything is in freefall. What I think you're experiencing is reflex. If your inner ear feels like you're rotating or otherwise not stable in the air, your body is not going to want to tuck and thereby increase the rotation (more physics magic ). That's like not being able to keep your eyes open during a sneeze -- your brain can make suggestions but the final decisions all happen in the brain stem, and yours is saying "fuck that, I want to live".

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