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Often times the faster you are going when you fall the less it hurts...but not always. Try to hit bounce/tuck/roll and hurts more to just thud/stop.

Just remember tuck and roll or tuck and slide...try to hit with the biggest body part...if you are falling heelside try to sit, hit with a hip/cheek...if falling toeside...try to lay down and hit with chest, torso. AND keep those arms tuck in near your NOT try to break the fall with your arms...don't try to stop sliding too quickly...burn off some of the speed.

The whole linking turns thing...take some lessons and learn about transitions or phases of the turn...beginning, middle and completing the turn, body/board positions, timing and coordination of the phases and etc. Its really pretty easy to do but it will really help to have a person demonstrate, adjust/give you feedback and coach you.

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