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Originally Posted by SPAZ View Post
Then the code doesn't work, it would look really cool tho.
I like the QR code in the design, esp because it reminds me of snow (see why below..). Just not sure how it would work with a snowboarder graphic in the code. But, hey, give it a go and see; I could be wrong!

Originally Posted by SPAZ
yeah, snowboarding in itself is an art form, it attracts many left-brained people.
I think you mean right-brained? I'm very heavily right-brain dominant, and artistic but right-handed (it's said that many right-brained people, such as artists, are left-handed). Anyway, I used to confuse the two so the way I remember which is which is by the left-hand to opposite side brain (like artists).

Regardless, I really like what you said about snowboarding being an art form and being attractive as such.

I would contribute a design for this thread but I don't have software to make it happen, nor much experience with graphic design programs.
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