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Thanks for the responses everyone!

Riley212: You're right; the scooter doesn't do much for him. I would love to see him skate more. He prefers the scooter because he's more comfortable on it, and it's what he rides most at home.

Thanks for the advice on karate..we tried to get him into a Jui Jitsu kid's program but that was one of those things he went into with different expectations and gave up on it after only a couple classes. I would like him to get into a sport or physical activity that will change his life in a positive way and cultivate some confidence in him as well. Hoping that happens with snowboarding.

And yup, he has guards, pads, and a helmet from skating. I have to see if his Protec skate helmet will work for riding though.

wrathfuldeity: Excellent idea. I was planning on showing him Snowolf's vids but didn't think of explaining the concept of mechanics to him. I really like that because my brain works that way; I like to know the "why" and "how" of things.

If I can get boots fitted for him, I'll try that as well. At this stage I was planning on renting for him at each resort, but maybe I can grab a rental pair from a local shop.

Snowolf: As always, super advice. Good point about not talking about falling too much. At least he knows he will fall, so that won't be a surprise. I like the idea of disguising it as "good athletic stances." He'll respond well to that.

You're so right...he's all about being cool at this age! He stayed with me a few days this winter break and while he was playing the SW game on PS3, I was pointing out and explaining toeside and heelside, carving, flatbasing, ice, etc. I'll see if I can do more of the basics with that game, since that might be a visual he can draw upon. And yes, the competition angle is perfect to use...especially because I'm pretty competitive myself

Maybe I can have him start the flexing motions soon. It's something he might like because he has a good imagination. I can always have him use an old deck of mine to stand on (w/o bindings) to give it a more realistic feel and so he has somewhat of a guideline. He's a men's size 6.5 and I'm a men's size 6 (but a chick) so the waist width won't be too huge.

Oh, I really wanted to get him a balance board for Christmas for that very reason! Instead I hooked him up with some sweet outerwear..Ride jacket and 686 pant. Good thing his birthday is coming up!

Again, thank you guys for the help!!
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