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Default Review: Arbor Blacklist 154

Took this review style from BA as it is my first board review for the masses.

Board: Arbor Blacklist
Size: 154
Camber Option: The Park System Rocker.
Bindings: Ride Delta 2011
Stance: 23
Angles: 15 Negative 15 Regular
Boots: Burton Imperial sz 10
My Weight: 180
Resort: Sugar Mtn

Conditions: Man made base with a fresh 2 inches that gave way to 40 temps for 5 days. Stiff groomers that turned into spring slush and small mounds by midday.

Preconceived Notions: Not going to lie about this one, BA sold me on the board with all the great reviews he gave. I was a little worried as the last true rocker I rode was a banana that I hated.

Flex: Softer than the 2012 evo when pressing or buttering on the trail. It has more stiffness in the flex when carving down the hill at speed. I know this sounds crazy but it is true, maybe it is being a midwide that helps it flex like this.

Stability: All I can say is WOW I wanted to ride this board everywhere (granted only 7 trails were open) that I could. It kept me planted all day and the grip tech seems to be in just the right place when you need the sharp turn.

Ollies/Pop: I hate to say it but almost perfect predicable snap right in the middle of the road. While there are boards with more pop, I felt this board placed me right in the zone I needed to be every time.

Butterability: As said before this board loves to butter, when you slow it down. I could get 8 to 12 inches without really trying every time with my butters on the flats.

Cruising: Felt amazing when riding flat or on edge the whole way down. I was taken by surprise by how much faster it got to speed. Only problem I had is getting used to the midwide size of the board but that only took a run to shake off.

Jibbing: I was lucky to have snow so no jibbing.

Personal Thoughts: I am in love with this board, from the time I read about it on BA’s page until I put it back on my wall today. It is amazing how one board can change what you think. Before this board I was all about NS RC tech and loved riding the evo. Now while I still love RC and my SL I don’t think I will ride the evo again (ok I will but waiting till the park opens up). The Blacklist is just way to playful and stable as a park board to overlook. It is like I stepped back on my old k2 comet and everything just clicked when I rode. I could not believe how stable the board was over the other park boards I’ve owned at speed. While I could feel the split second longer it took to change edges. It never once made me feel like I was not in control. I was really torn over getting this board or the NS 2012 Evo and I am glad I got both so I could see what one I liked the best. Blacklist won cause at the end of the day it just felt better, as a bonus the blacklist comes pre detuned tip and tail wish the evo did.
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