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Day 7 / Hakkoda Mountain - You have probably seen pics from here. The pow is crazy. It just snowed 2 feet last night as of this writing, which is kinda normal there. This was my first visit to the mountain, and even though my Birdman still hadn't shown, I decided I couldn't wait any longer, so I took what I had and went for it. I got lost immediately as there really isn't fuck all for signs on the "trails". Found a highway and had to walk a mile or so back to the lift. - January 1, 2012

Google Maps - Google Maps

Day 8 / Hakkoda Mountain - My board was magically in the mail so guess what... I had to go back and play with it! The Birdman was great, but with minimal snowfall I didn't really get to play with it in the fresh. January 2, 2012

That's all the catching up there is. I am headed to Hakkoda again tomorrow, and this weekend I will be at a place called Geto (sounds like a sharply enunciated Ghetto) down in Iwate Prefecture not far from Morioka City. Come join me anytime.
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