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Originally Posted by Nsane1 View Post
I'm just a little skiddish about it because it's my first time. I was wondering if the ptex you use should be the same molecular weight as your base... Also, the ptex in the kit looks whitish/clear. This will be going on a white base, I was curious on how much this will stand out. As of now you can't even see it, just feel it. Also, how thick are the bases of most boards?
I feel because it is your first time now would be the perfect time to give it a try cause it is so small. I'm sure it's best also to match the weight of the ptex with your base but being such a small scratch I don't think It'll make that much of a difference. Also if its clear/white I don't think It'll be too noticeable on a white base.

Sorry I don't know much about the process of ptexing as I have never had to do it before (somehow) haha also I couldn't comment on the thickness of a snowboard base, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be able to help you there.
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