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Originally Posted by Riley212 View Post
is it a mervin board? strange that it didn't come with a serial number.

whatever you do, color the engraving in with a sharpie and put a thin coat of urethane over it to keep water out.

practice on something similar.
Yup it's a GNU. I thought it was strange, too, and after poring over every inch of the top sheet and having someone else look over it also, I called Mervin. They said it must have been one of the few that ran through before they started putting serial numbers on every board last year.

Good idea about inking it and sealing it with a urethane. Thanks!

I can't think of anything similar I can use to practice on first, though. Especially having that texture to work with...I can imagine the Dremel hopping and skipping if I don't use a heavy pressure. And if I use too heavy a pressure, going too deep...

Originally Posted by zk0ot View Post
a kid that comes to my shop is a cousin of seth morrison.... (skiier for k2)and will recieve some of seth's retired skis. He was given a test model that had no graphic and was hand engraved with a serial number in the side wall.

Thats where i would put it... (assuming its not capped)the ptex there is pretty thick, wouldnt have to worry so much of going to deep. youcould also put something in the base at the very apex of the nose or tail right along the edge.
Interesting...does 'hand engraved' mean with a power tool (like a Dremel) or hand tool?

It's not capped. I haven't considered putting it on the side wall because I thought there was a greater chance of it getting marred there. The problem with putting it near the nose or tail (I think, could be wrong) is that since it's a Mervin board, it's not fully wrapped. And like the side wall, it might have a greater chance of being damaged there (?)

Thanks for the responses so far!
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