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Originally Posted by threej21 View Post
Just got my gopro, yea yea, i know im late to this party...

anyway, slapped some helmet mounts on but dont really care for POV filming, im sure ill do some of it, but mainly wanna do chase filming to get better video of our crew shredding some gnar, lol....soooo, from you experienced gopro users and video editors, what is the best option to get great chase video?? monopod? just hold it in hands? or like one of those hand held boom things??

I did already get a gopole, so i will be able to experiment, but wanted some thoughts from those of you that have already experimented on what works best

thanks in advance for your input
For chase video watch out when using the gopole as it might shake from side to side a lot. I like to actually film upside down when doing follow cam with a pole since it feels a bit steadier. I haven't worked with a gopole; I use a telescoping duster handle. Usually if I'm extended far I'll hold it above the handle and let the handle rest on my forearm to help counterweight the gopro. I like to film in 960p in this mode so that I don't have to worry about up/down framing as much. Pointing is easy but tilt is sometimes hard to nail.

The second option is to mount it on your helmet on the front and have the camera pointed forward. This all depends on how steady your head is when you board. I can keep my head facing the same direction pretty well so it works out decently. The footage from helmet cam is a bit steadier as well from my experience although my friend is pretty steady with the pole.

Originally Posted by Strmchzr View Post
Has anyone filmed a "reverse chase" scenario where the cameraman is leading pack with camera pointed behind to capture front-side of skiers?
Yeah I've done this. The hardest part is figuring out if you need to slow down or not. Whenever I do this angle, I'll chirp out and have them respond with 1 chirp for keep bombing or 2 for slow down. For this angle, either mount on top of your helmet or on the back of it. Watch out for your hood getting into the camera view; I have my friend tuck it into my jacket when I do this since it'll fly up.
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