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i was up there last week, the conditions weren't bad but i was there for 3 days during the cold cold freeze. it's still quite icy, and the last day i was there was quite foggy (they closed off the south side for a few hours because of the fog). most of the blues and some of the blacks were open. the double blacks weren't open as far as i could tell. i would avoid the green runs if you can since they are really made for skiers (they tend to be quite flat and you would end up pushing for a long distance if you stop). watch out for crossing trails as alot of riders there goes fast (it's heaven if you're a speed freak like me).

the north side is usually less busy but the chair lift isn't fun since it's a cold and long ride up. if you guys just run the south side, i would definitely go in the single lines as they go much faster and chances of you guys getting the same gondala is high (unless there are more than 4 of you).

for food, you're kinda in a crap shoot since most places in the village is pretty pricy. i would say Casey would be a bit more decent priced. If you guys are up for a drive, you can go to St Jovite (about 5 min away) where you get more selection and better pricing. bring a backpack during the day, so at least you can save a bit of money by bringing your own drinks and snacks.

enjoy! hope it's more powdery for you!
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