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Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity View Post
Fear of speed...speed is your friend when turning.

Learning to move forward, centered and aft on the board during different phases of the turn....its a timing and coordinating the count 1 for initiating, 2 for middle, 3 compleating/parellel with the hill and 4 dropping then nose to engage the next turn.

dropping leading shoulder and bending/driving leading knee when going toeside

raising leading shoulder and swinging the leading knee toward the nose when going heelside

also men and women don't ride the same...women are smoother and work more form the hips and guys use more torso and legs.

wait for snowolf's advice.
Yes, speed is your friend when doing skidded turns, much easier to catch an edge when going too slow. I would add that when you are ending a heelside or toeside turn you should have already switched to the opposite edge before you attempt to turn the board downhill.

Snowwolf has some good videos in this section. It may take a few watches of listening to what he is saying and watching what he is doing before you understand what he means, but he does know what he is talking about. He would probably have some great exact advice if he was here atm.
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