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How many days have you been snowboarding (rough estimate)?[/QUOTE]

8 years, so about 90+ days. ive only been doing pure park for about 2 years though. i know my post is kinda stupid but im just tryin to improve my slides and presses. but really that just comes from practice.

i used to ride rails and bowls and do flatland tricks on my skateboard all the time and loved it but tryin to do skate tricks on a SB sometimes seems weird when the thing your riding is almost as big as YOU, haha!!! i know its all in my head but cant hurt to ask, right?

i was thinkin about getting a Horrorscope FK 151 (seems like suck a sick board) but from what you guys are sayin, seems like theres no need.

i love this forum and have gotten excellent advice and responses to my posts. this is a great source of SB info.

thanks for all the quick responses.
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