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Default Ya get what ya pay for....or do you?

I guess this is one of those things that kind of slips through the cracks. I was reading an article about some woman suing an orange juice company for false claims of it being 100% juice..well whatever. In the article it kept mentioning amounts of this and that in the 59oz containers. I didn't catch it until I read the comments below the article, one poster wrote that it was funny how 5-6 months ago the juice came in half gallon containers (64oz's) but still cost the same. So I'm at the store this morning buying dog food, which went up by .50 a few weeks ago, I happen to look at the weight on the bottom of the 20lb bag of dog food now contains 17.5lbs?? To me this seems like a sneaky way to hide how fast inflation is rising. Is this a sign of coming hyper inflation that many worry about as the dollar loses it's value? Anyone else notice anything like this in other products?

I have noticed over the past year or so that fast food burgers have gotten smaller, didn't think much about it, now I wonder. I understand that in this economy prices are going to go up, but now I'm paying more and getting less, that means prices are going up faster then it appears. Who knows, maybe nothing, maybe another sign of coming doom.
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