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I just don't get why so many people don't lock their boards up no matter how long they are leaving it unattended. Serious advice here, call me an ass or whatever, but I'm really trying to reason with you guys...

You have invested money in this sport. That money is likely not chump change for most of you (it isn't for me for sure). A board lock costs less than $20. Maybe a little more if you go out and get a legit chain lock or something. But keep in mind, even the most generic board lock is enough of a deterrent to a board thief. There are tons of unlocked boards lying around so why would they other clipping yours? Even then, it's not too much trouble to get a bike lock or something more legit.

It takes all but a minute to lock your board up. This minute provides much better security for your investment. Would you leave even a dollar bill on a table while you use the bathroom? Probably not. So why leave your gear that probably set you back $200+? Sure, the dollar bill is easily stuffed into your pocket. Just like a board is easily locked. You do not even have to carry the lock around with you. Choose a convenient spot, and just lock the chain up to the rack when not in use. Come back to it.

I hope you find your board buddy. If you lived by me, I'd lend you a board meanwhile. But play it safe next time and protect your investment. Your time is much more wasted when your setup is stolen compared to the time spent securing it. Reviews and David Z's rants
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