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Originally Posted by linvillegorge View Post
There's just a massive gap between male athleticism and female athleticism. A phenomenal female athlete would be an above average male athlete.

I went to HS with a girl who was a top 10 national basketball recruit. She was an unreal athlete for a girl, but she wouldn't have even started for the men's team. That's just the type of gap there is.

Appreciate the women's riding for what it is, but you'll always be disappointed if you compare it to men's riding. With that said, if there was a guy at your local hill ripping it up like the top chicks, you'd say that fucker could ride his ass off... and you'd be right.
'for a girl!' Love the little chauvinistic digs the men unwittingly pop into their posts (know what your getting at though)

I wish I'd had the cash and the snow to snowboard 20 years back when I was young and super fit.

Love the Jeep photo's, very manly
Please Santa, make it snow in the UK!
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