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Question How can I not ruin this board

Just bit the bullet and ordered a NS Proto CTX 155, and now I want to make sure I don't damage it.

1) How do I not let the edges rust? On my last board the tip and tail would rust, I'd file it off, and then it would come back.
2) Am I using Ptex right? I have "clear" ptex but it comes off as a brownish burnt thing. I'm using a lighter, waiting until the ptex catches fire, then dripping it in the holes, but it is coming off as a brownish things with black flakes.
3) Under my bindings, I have little bumps on my base, and I'm wondering how to reverse that/make it not happen again. Is it the screws? Do I need shorter ones? When I loosened them, my bindings were wiggly although I only have 3 screws as I lost one somewhere.
4) Am I waxing right? I have household iron that I use exclusively for waxing, and it has holes in it. I drip the wax on, and then iron it out going back and forth. The wax will smoke. Am I doing it wrong?

Thanks, I'd rather not ruin my first nice nice board.
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