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Blank snowboard review

starting my review

Board specs:
151 Reverse Camber
Extruded base
ABS Sidewalls
Poplar core
Triax fiberglass
Carbon stringers
full wrap steel edges
Blank Snowboards :: Making Snowboarding an Affordable Pastime

5'10" 165 LBS
Ride RFL boots size 9.5
Ride Revolt bindings +14/-14

My experience
I started riding 12 years ago but haven't in the last 4 years due to having no money, so my skills have really gone downhill.

Initial impressions before riding it:
They only make a 157 and 151 reverse camber as of now. i already have a 157 and wanted something smaller to mess around on and get better in the park would have been more excited about a 153-155. But the guy on the phone said 151 works perfect so i went with that.
Looks pretty well constructed, clean. It is the smallest board I've ever riden, i started on a 155. I was apprehensive of the size. Feels pretty soft bending on carpet. The rocker is very slight, its almost flat with a little extra up kick at the contact points. it came with a lot of inserts to get a wide range of stance setups, more than other entry level boards.

It feels pretty light.

Also im looking forward to doing my own graphic.

Snow Conditions-
low 20s. tracked out powder at Mt Baker, really freakin bumpy but soft snow. it was soft light powder for the first part of the day but i rode my banana magic all morning. ( i waxed both boards for the right temp the night before)

first day of riding Impressions:
The first thing i notice is that it feels lighter than im used to. But that is because it is shorter too. Second, it is a lot softer than my banana magic, which is not a bad thing, it is a lot easier to steer and get it to do what you want, it took me a run to get used to not over doing my inputs.

It bounces around in the bumps rather than plowing through them, but doesn't flap at speed. the snow was too soft to see if it would chatter or not.

Presses and butters are pretty easy and you can sit in em as long as you want. I could tip over backwards if I wanted (which I did the second time seeing how far it would go)

Edge hold is what i would call "enough" it feels pretty loose at speed but you can still set it on edge, just don't expect to be railing carves. I just kept washing out what I could normally do on the banana. Dynamic long and short skidded turns are not a problem though. Turns just felt easy going, which is what I wanted out of this board, it feels like a lot less work than the banana.

it was nimble like a small board should be through the trees which was fun.

Got a few comments in line asking what it was. Might leave it blank, as a conversation starter so i dont have to be foreveralone.jpg

I liked rinding it, it was easy and fun. we will see how it holds up but i see no issues thus far. I will probably ride it more often as it will be easier to learn spins and tricks on.

Second day and and at my house:
Pretty much confirms what I thought from the first day. No issues. I bumped it off a few trees pretty hard with no damages.

It snowed enough at my parents house in Washington to set up a picnic table in the park and riding down the street. Ate shit a few times. No issues here either. Pretty fun not worrying about messing the board up like I am with my $500 boards.

Dude, suckin at somethin' is just the first step to bein' sorta good at somethin'

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