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Default What is the best way to find an instructor?

I took my first snowboarding lesson a few weeks ago during a visit to Colorado, and had no idea what I was doing or that I would even like snowboarding. I just signed up for private lessons at Eldora, and was paired up with a really great instructor. I fell completely in love with snowboarding, and I want to continue to learn and improve as much as possible. Now that I'm back home (DC/Northern VA area) I'd love to take lessons again. I went to a local hill a few days ago and practiced what I learned so far, but I think I'd like to take another lesson or two, or however many I need. Is that the best way to go about doing it - to just sign up for lessons at a local resort and let them pair me up with someone? Is there a process that goes into pairing up a student with an instructor, or is it random? Does it matter where I take the lessons? (Meaning, is there any other thought I need to put into it?) Thanks in advance for any advice!
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