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Originally Posted by BigmountainVMD View Post
If you go on a busy day (weekend, holiday), splurge on a private lesson because there can be tons of people taking beginner lessons. When you take a private, you SHOULD have the opportunity to request a specific instructor. If you can ask around (tickets, rentals, even the person who is helping you buy a lesson) they may give you a name or two... usually if you request a specific instructor, they will make more money (it will not cost you more) than if you are randomly paired for a lesson. DO THE INSTRUCTORS A FAVOR AND REQUEST ONE BY NAME. These people usually are required to be at the mountain from 8 to 3, but often only get paid for hours actually teaching. I spent many days with no lessons, only getting paid for a single hour. Just by you requesting them by name can be the difference between 9 dollars an hour and 25 dollars an hour (with no change in cost for you, the student.)
Interesting! I didn't know any of that. I'll see what happens when I go. I did know to tip though when I took my first lesson. I used to wait tables and I was a bartender, so I pretty much tip for everything!

Thanks so much for this advice! It's all really helpful.
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