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Originally Posted by LooseChange View Post
I don't know if this board is wide. So you think I should keep it then? This board is going to be good for hitting some nice jumps? What style of board do people prefer for jumps? I rode a 154 burton custom demo board and it felt amazing on jumps compared to my 158 custom x. Then again, maybe my bindings aren't far enough apart.
Oops... sorry, I was writing a board advice email to a friend of mine, who has size 15 boots, at the same time and mixed them up.

I personally prefer a medium stiffness board for jumps. Too soft and it will feel squirrel-ey (like it is chattering/jumping/wiggling under you) as you approach the jump and when you land (making it hard to ride out your landing). Too stiff and you will feel tense and unable to make subtle/gentle adjustments to your approach line (although if you are confidant in your line it will be much more stable on the landing).

Length-wise again I personally prefer an "average" length board, but what that is varies a LOT these days. Again, my opinion is that for 170 lbs and riding all park, short is 150-154cm, average is 155-158cm, long is 159-161cm (those are really arbitrary boundaries I just made up). I can say that anyone who says a shorter board is "soooo much easier to spin" is a poseur and probably has never known the touch of a woman... Personally, I wouldn't worry about board length for spins until you are doing 540s.

My opinion with length/stiffness is that long/very stiff boards are initially less forgiving of bad technique... but then again you get feedback on that you are doing something wrong. What I mean by this is that most riders learning to jump have a tendency to want to second-guess yourself right before the ramp and turn/speed check. Short, soft board are very forgiving... but at the same time let your "crap-style" a 180 or 360 claim you did it... however once you start getting to higher spins (540s and 720s) and bigger jumps (40 - 60 ft) you suddenly start a hitting wall because you technique is sloppy.

This is all my opinion on things (I am bit of an old school rider at 32)... I am by no means a freestyle expert, I can only do up to a 540 while the biggest jump I've done is a 70-80 footer... I rarely do anything bigger than 50 ft now a days. So feel free to ignore what I've said... be wary of ANYONE advice on the internet...

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